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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Level 26: Cyber-Bridges released on YouTube

::::: WARNING: GRAPHIC :::::

Watch the other cyber bridges on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/insidelevel26

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WARNING: Level26.com may contain links to "adult material".


  1. Fun times!

    Level 26: Cyber-Bridge 1 flagged at YouTube as disgusting content.

  2. It is going to be interesting seeing how YouTube handles this content.

  3. On the outside chance that Anthony Zuiker might read this: please learn how to mark your disgusting YouTube uploads so that viewers don't have to watch your snuff porn.

  4. My last comment on this series: Cyber-Bridge 12 depicts rape. It should be marked as inappropriate for younger viewers at the very least, although I am still seeking to have it removed altogether.

  5. Looks like YouTube shares your opinion, at least in terms of the first video which they removed.

    The Z-man has learned a valuable lesson here. NEVER mess with a jester:):):)

    Perhaps it will show up in a future episode of CSI.

  6. Hard to say. I believe the book has now been marketed world wide so this might just be a marketing move. However the timing is interesting.

  7. Geez Apo, calm down! Why do you EQAL so much? Flagged, sure, but removed???? Wow. Real mature to look through all of them and find your complaints.

  8. @Anon

    Apo just flagged the videos, the decision to remove the video resets with youtube. They must agree that the content is inappropriate.

  9. Level 26: Cyber-Bridge 12 has not been removed (yet). It is not clear if this is because it passed the "review process" or whether it received less 'flags".

  10. It seems to me Apo was trying to view and support the videos, however if he finds them offensive he has every right to flag them, or ask that they be labeled accordingly. Its not like these are pleasant walks in the park that he is flagging unwarranted.

  11. Thanks for recognizing the issue Jaz and KP.

    You know, this kind of thing would have been carefully handled when Broken Kid was on the payroll. EQAL needs someone who knows how to internet.

    @modelmotion: Cyber-Bridge 12 has been marked as inappropriate for younger viewers now, I'm not sure you would have noticed that seeing as you are a robot and hence logged in 24/7. :)

  12. :):):)

    Interesting that they chose to handle 1 and 12 in a different manner. However clearly YouTube had some concerns about the content for their general audience.

  13. That's one thing Metacafe has going for them. You can dictate the rating of your content when uploading your videos.

    I can't judge what I haven't been able to see, (videos that were pulled,) but how does it differ from Compulsions?

  14. If I recall Apo had a difficult time with the content of Compulsions as well although I would never speak for him. I knew when I watched compulsions I was going to get graphic content. Sometimes that's all you need is fair warning.


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