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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Portal ARG

In 2007, Valve galvanized the gaming industry when it released the video game Portal. Although ostensibly a first-person shooter built upon Valve’s Source engine, the game’s quirky puzzles, catchy soundtrack, and unreliable narrator GLaDOS quickly captured the hearts and minds of gamers. Yesterday, Rock Paper Shotgun reported that Valve Software released a special update for Portal, noting that it “[c]hanged radio transmission frequency to comply with federal and state spectrum management regulations.” The seemingly innocuous update inserted a series of secret messages into the game that have led Valve fans on a merry chase for what may be the launch of an alternate reality game. [...] http://www.argn.com/2010/03/valve_fans_triumphant_glimmerings_of_a_portal_arg/


  1. Dammit, KP. Thanks for making me have to play through it AGAIN. (I realize it's Valve not you, but... I would have been blissfully unaware!)


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