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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Change #2: Streamy Week Banner

P Monkey

In celebration of Streamy Week we have introduced a new banner. As we mentioned in the "change" post a while back it is time to embrace news about the full range of web series in the "space" and the community involved with it. What better time to do it than in the lead up to the awards that honor the "web series genre"?

Think of the banner as one small stepping stone. Over the upcoming months we will push forward with more changes that refine the look and design of the blog so that it serves its function better. Some observant people have noticed that webseriestoday.com now points to the blog. We also have a new webseriestoday Ning, Twitter account and a Facebook page .

For those that might worry that we are turning our back on our heritage or philosophy, not so! We will still be bringing you the same great news that we have always tried to. We will maintain the LG15todaynews Twitter and the LG15today Ning and Facebook pages and LG15today.blogspot.com will still bring you to the site you have come to trust for unfiltered web series news.

Just think of the blog as a "social hub" where all this web series news comes together. As the collaborative platform we have always been you have an opportunity to participate and post your articles and web series as always.

For those who are interested in participating more deeply in the future design process we encourage you to join the Web Series Today Ning and get involved.

::::: NOTE: The domain names are currently being updated and are not working at this point. However LG15today.blogspot.com is currently working.


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