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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Change #3: Side bar

P Monkey

As some of you may have noticed there have been some changes to the side bar "menus". For anyone who needs then the older links are all archived on http://lg15todaylinks.blogspot.com/. The goal is to streamline the links so that they meet our current needs. Over time some of the LG15 links for things like the various portal pages etc will be moved to the LG15today Ning. Some other things will be added back as needed and yet other things will be developed on the Web Series Today Ning to complement what you find here on the blog. As always your feedback, participation and involvement is encouraged in making Web Series Today a great collaborative social hub.


  1. This really is a team process but the more feedback we get the better we can stay on the right track.

  2. You got rid of Tachyfin. WTF!!!!! I fed him every day.

    BRING HIM BACK!!!!!!

  3. Joe, I was not thrilled to see Tachyfin go either, so I had rescued Tachy and stored him over on the Ning.


    I had not seen anyone else post about Tachy, so I was gonna just post that he had moved to a new home. However since we both miss Tachy, I figure we should put him back for now unless the broader community has any strong objections in which case I guess it will need to be the Ning.

  4. He's back :)

    If anyone complains, give me their names. I'll silence them. Permanently. Tachyfin must stay.


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