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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Don't It Make Tubefilter Blue: Rebutting The Distrust - milowent

Milowent's long awaited opinion on the Streamys and yesterday's "Rebuilding Our [Investor's] Trust" manifesto.


The streamys came and they really blew
Tubefilter's crying - they don't know what to do
People want something new
"Rebuilding The Trust" just won't do

Webseries will be fine if the streamys go away
People only watch Shane Dawson and Smosh anyway
I wish it wasn't true
But the annoying orange gets more views than you.

Stop all the secrets, stop all the lies.
Give me resignations and not alibis
Bud Bundy's tighty whities made Felicia cry
Don't say anything unless its Goodbye

I know you didn't mean for it to be so bad
And now every creator just feels had
while the internet watches absolute poo
And don't it make Tubefilter, don't it make Tubefilter blue
And don't it make the community see red -- they're calling for your heads
And don't it make the viewers...


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