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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Get your "collab" on!

Stephan- Ke$ha [600+] - thecheerleader11

It took a while to edit this, but it was fun to make.
I hope you like it.
I know the lip syncing is off sometimes, but it was hard to fix that.
thanks for 600!!!

During LG15: Outbreak some of you may have watched response videos from a YouTube user called Zenbabee. Among her other videos there was one where she talked about auditioning for a "collab channel" called Twentyonevloggers. What is a "collab channel?" Well in the case of Twentyonevloggers a group of 21 vloggers work together on one YouTube channel. There are 3 vloggers per day and they all create videos each week based on a theme set by the channel "creator."

The notion of a collaborative channel is not new. For example early vloggers formed The Station which became a very influential youtube channel. What is interesting is that "collab channels" seem to have become the rage with Generation Z on YouTube.

This is a generation that has never known a World without the internet. When you look at the collab channels they create they show that they are extremely comfortable with the vlog format, video editing and have their own take on how to use YouTube, camera angles, video editing etc etc creatively.

The video above is from Thecheerleader11, one of the participants in the Twentyonevloggers collab channel. It is actually from their own channel but it does give you a taste of the fun they are having and it is very well done. In some ways the video is reminiscent of early Lonelygirl15 so perhaps we have come full circle.

For those who hang out over on Anchor Cove you will be familiar with the theme that the next great web series may well not come from established players trying to gain a foothold in Los Angeles but rather from the "kids in the basement." It is hard to say where the collab channel craze will end up but one can only hope that as they mature some of the creativity and talent will eventually turn to story telling on the net. Bring it on Gen Z!


  1. It is really great to see so many people working together on YouTube. It tends to come in waves so lets hope that it continues to grow and thrive.

  2. That is interesting. Nice editing in that video, too.

  3. so with the rebranding, you are still going to post people's home movies? phail.

  4. people's home movies are still the most popular video on the internet anon. fred, shane dawson, sxephil, etc. they are blowing away the avg. webseries every day.

  5. Anon, nothing seems to make you happy. Perhaps you should just start your own blog and show us all how it is done.

  6. http://anonymous-today.blogspot.com

  7. She is wearing orange pants. She is evil. EVIL!!!!


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