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Monday, April 19, 2010

JenniCam Now Older Than Average YouTube Commenter?

A worthwhile nostalgia post a few days ago in Wired reports that internet pioneer "JenniCam" started on April 14, 1996 -- 14 years ago this month! An early precursor to what vlogging and web video (and web porn, to be honest) is today, JenniCam featured college student Jennifer Ringley with a new screenshot every few minutes from her dorm room (and later her apartment). If it was in reach of the camera, from the mundane to the very intimate, it was captured.

The "show" kept up through two apartment moves, one stolen fiance from another webcam girl, and until Jenni finally shut the site down in December 31, 2003, blaming Pay-Pal's anti-nudity policy (she went to a subscription model along the way for full access content). But she probably stopped because she returned to sanity, and has remained off camera since that time.

Less than two years after JenniCam's demise, the young site known as YouTube was beginning to make waves, and in early 2007, with the launch of Justin.tv, the term "lifecasting" began to be used to describe this live-broadcasting of one's life as entertainment. And to try to justify the relatedness of this post to Web Series, I would note that one of the most famous "lifecasters" of today, "iJustine", was part of the Streamys.

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  1. Epic reminder of how it all began.

  2. Jenni gained a great deal of attention back in her day, she was even a guest on Letterman.

  3. Question: Are web videos pioneers, ex: jennicam, lg15, renetto etc etc doomed not to enjoy it's successes? (if and when)

  4. Moses never got to enter the Promised Land.

    That's right I just compared Jennicam and Moses.

  5. Moses wandered the desert for 40 years. Jennicam moved three times. They're practically the same people.

  6. "Question: Are web videos pioneers, ex: jennicam, lg15, renetto etc etc doomed not to enjoy it's successes? (if and when)"

    its a good question. the beatles didn't invent rock and roll.


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