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Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Mediacracy Episode 12

New Mediacracy

New Mediacracy is a podcast hosted by Epic Fu's Zadi Diaz and Steve Wolf along with Big Fantastic's Chris McCaleb. Each week they are joined by various members of the web space. This week they were joined by JenniPowell and The Guild producer Kim Evey. For the most part they talk about the recent Streamy Award ceremony and the Celebrate the Web event organized by Evey and Powell. However, notably, the show has a very loose format and the guest tend to wander from subject to subject. Also, the episode runs nigh on 3 hours so definitely block off some time when you plan to listen to it, which I would suggest.

Below, I have tried to create a basic rundown of the various topics the show covers with approximate time codes to facilitate following along.

The episode is available for streaming at the show's website or the MP3 can be downloaded directly from here.

The Rundown

  • 15:50 Jenni Powell's Introduction
  • 38:10 Kim Evey's Introduction
    • 56:00 Origins of the Guild
  • 1:13:20 The Streamys
    • 1:15:00 Celebrate the Web
    • 1:23:20 Chris McCaleb - White ribbons
      • 1:28:10 Marc Who?
      • 1:29:00 YouTubers
  • 1:36:10 YouTubers
  • 1:41:40 - Back to the Streamy conversation
    • 1:43:40 - Swag bags?
    • 1:44:30 - Sean Becker's speech
    • 1:49:40 - Streamy award tone
  • 1:59:10 - Favorite moments from the Streamys
    • 2:19:30 - More YouTuber talk and Fred
    • 2:24:30 - Mark Gantt is a good looking guy
  • 2:27:50 Chad Hurley and the Visionary Award
  • 2:38:00 Celebrate the Web again


  1. Has anyone explained why the red carpet was handled the way it was?

    Who was "selected" to walk the red carpet and why were some people "rushed through".

    There still seem to be a lot of unanswered questions.

  2. From what I witnessed, the original plan was to give all Streamy award nominees, Craft award winners, and presenters were a time-slot, at which time they were supposed to walk the carpet. Due to people arriving late, people showing up with publicists expecting to walk through though they didn't have a time, etc., this plan didn't work out at smoothly as hoped.

  3. Next year they need a longer carpet.

    My understanding is that the red carpet is an opportunity for various media types to interview the participants and for the participants to plug their various projects. Also, to show off how hot they look.

    Why not split the two functions. Set up an interview section elsewhere alleviating the log jam on the carpet. Also, let's be honest, every reporter asks basically the same questions so why not have the media peeps do some type of pre show draw/negotiating/competition to decide who gets to interview whom and then have one pool reporter with B roll and sound bytes that all can use.

    Then the red carpet can be used exclusively for taking pictures of pretty girls in pretty dresses with one or two reporters asking those wonderfully vapid questions, "Where did you get your gown?" (I'm still waiting for someone to say K-Mart.)

    So that's my idea.

  4. why not just set up a couple of cameras and let them video blog. Doesn't require reporters, they get to say what they want, and its a web way to do it.

  5. So why were some people not allowed to walk the red carpet?

    Who exactly made that decision and why is no one from Streamy LLC stepping forward to explain exactly what happened and why?

    Why is a cone of silence surrounding everything Streamy/IAWTV including the alleged "blacklists" etc etc etc.

    One would really hope that every member of the Academy step up here and start to ask questions and take control of THEIR Academy. Or is it already too late? Has it become a "secret society" with its own rules of "don't tel?"?.

  6. If everyone were allowed to walk the red carpet, there would have been no time for the actual awards ceremony. The system definitely needs some improvement but a system is definitely needed, not a "free for all!"

    And I don't see how it's being made into some huge conspiracy theory when doesn't it MAKE SENSE that people INVOLVED in the awards would be the ones allowed to walk the carpet?

    But it also makes sense that guests would get there, see all the cameras and get excited and want to be a part of it and then the system breaks down.

    It's not a conspiracy, it's human nature and a lesson learned. Let's not make it what it isn't (and thus add to the problem) and focus and learn from what it was.

  7. Are you speaking on behalf of Streamy LLC?

    If not, who does and why have they not stepped forward?

    Why has the IAWTV not talked openly about ALL the issues on the table. Why the cone of silence?

    It is not a conspiracy theory to ask reasonable questions. It seems quite reasonable to expect every member of the IAWTV and the web series community to do the same right now. To simply stick ones head in the sand and not examine what went wrong and who was responsible would be to not do due diligence.

    Clearly we need drastic changes but first we need to fully understand who was responsible for some really horrid and insulting decisions.

    When there is talk of blacklists etc etc and no one on the IAWTV, other than Miles, is willing to talk about the issues then clearly something is very very very wrong with the organization. But how can you initiate change if no one is even willing to talk about the issues?

  8. Wow, I suddenly have an overwhelming urge to advise Jenni not to answer any questions without council being present. :)

    There is no big conspiracy.

    Streamy, LLC is a limited liability company set incorporated in Delaware as part of Tubefilter, Inc. The IAWTV, is a non-profit organization that selects the nominees for the Streamys, which are owned and produced by Streamy, LLC. End of story.

    The directors, of the IAWTV are publicly known, the officers of Tubefilter, Inc are publicly known, and the producers of the Streamy awards are publicly known.

    Also, as for all the stuff about who got to walk red carpets, um what exactly does that have to do with New Mediacracy?

    Comments should stay some what on topic.

  9. The podcast did in fact touch on some of the red carpet issues. This goes to who is accountable for all the decisions that were made. It also goes to the role of the IAWTV and explicitly the role of their Board of Directors as an independent oversight body.

    Clearly with talk of "blacklists" now extending out the discussions there is even more need for someone to take a independent look at the activities of the past year. While they are at it, they should take a good hard look at who was rejected by the IAWTV and why.

    Clearly these are all important issues stemming from the Streamy/IAWTV and who is in control and we have yet to see any concrete action on how to make the changes needed to go forward.

    In fact the Board of the IAWTV has yet to enter into any sort of constructive dialogue with the community.

  10. And just as a note, the only person I have heard so far who has insinuated there are blacklists is modelmotion himself.

    And modelmotion, you know me well enough to know I speak for myself and what I believe in and no one can take that away from me.

    Unless Mathieas advises me otherwise, of course.


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