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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On This Day In Webseries History: April 13, 2007

Three years ago yesterday, on April 13, 2007, Lonelygirl15 released the video The Perfect Beach.

In this fairly momentous video in the history of lonelygirl15, a main character (Jonas) pulls out a gun for the first time (and far from the last time). Aunt Alex also revealed that there is "another girl" that the Order is now after instead of Bree. This led to emergence of a slew of potential new trait-positive girls on YouTube, some who were fans and two of which were planted by the lg15 Creators (Taylor and Julia).

* The Perfect Beach on LGPedia
* The Perfect Beach lg15.com forum thread (which has 2 full pages of posts just waiting for the video to fully upload)
*The Perfect Beach old lg15.com comment board
* The Perfect Beach on old Anchor Cove
* Milowent: Attack of the Breeclones (April 2007)(about the New Girl invasion)

* * *

Also happening three years ago yesterday, and also with a beach theme, the webseries Prom Queen released "Sex on the Beach", the thirteenth episode of the series.

Prom Queen Episode 13: Sex On The Beach

Prom Queen | MySpace Video

Season 3 of Prom Queen, reportedly called the "Prom Queen: The Homecoming" was filmed in 2009, but has yet to see a release date. It is expected to come out sometime this year, though.

* Prom Queen on Wikipedia
* Sex On The Beach on old Anchor Cove


  1. The good old days. I clicked on the link to the comments page. They're small font and gray, it's impossible to read. WTF!

  2. joe - i saw that about the old comment board, quite a shame. has this escaped renegade's eye?

    if you highlight the text as if you're fixing to copy it, you can see it a little bit better.


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