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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Random Web Series Uploaded Today

Every day new webseries sprout up. For example, the following webseries episodes were uploaded to Youtube in the last 24 hours and are from the most recent uploads under the search term "webseries"

GUSTAV: Pilot Episode (not appropriate for children)

GUSTAV appears to be some kind of parody of a highly-oversexed swedish guy who plays a keytar. (Imagine Napoleon Dynamite with a Swedish accent talking about his balls.)

Bar Town Promo

Looks like some Indiana college kids doing a show about Indiana college bars. Video description: "Promo for the web series Bar Town. Check it out at www.mybartown.com

Guy Eating Cereal - Teaser 1

This one is awesome.


  1. This is a nifty idea. Granted one will not find the next Bannen Way this way, but it is nice to see what people are doing out there in the space.

  2. It is always interesting to see how many "web series" put production ahead of how they are going to market/build an audience. I guess the hope that build it and they will come is still alive.
    I hope one of these series does build an audience organically. It would show that it can still be done. At least in the mean time people are having fun being creative. In a World that has become so filled with drama that is a nice thing to see in the World of web series.

  3. Youtube has never handled RSS particularly well which is strange. Does anyone have a simple solution for turning this type of search into an RSS feed?

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