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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Web series and branded entertainment

If you are interested in the area of web series and branded entertainment a great twitter account to follow is http://twitter.com/Gennefer. Quite a few of our recent linked stories on transmedia storytelling and advertising have originated from following this excellent twitter account and we should probably have done more to credit it. In any case, this post hopes to make up for that, but it also gives you the opportunity to follow one of the most informative twitter accounts "in the space". Sometimes it is easy to look at Twitter as just a research tool and forget the hard work it takes the authors to create such great "knowledge streams". Those streams help us bring you relevant information that we think you might enjoy or benefit from. Thanks Gennefer, and look forward to many more productive tweets.


  1. :):):)

    Actually it was more of an oversight on my part.

    However it does raise a good question about Twitter etiquette. When is it fair to just use Twitter streams as your "research department" and when should you credit the person doing the work of creating a "knowledge stream".

    For example, some twitter streams are little more than RSS of existing blogs, while others are carefully crafted to be a "micro blog" on their own. In the former a "credit" is implicit because of the article you link, but when you tap into a micro blog that is creating a unique value it is probably prudent to credit the source.

    There are times when it is easy to make this distinction but there are also time constraints and other pressures involved. Giving credit where credit is due is important and it is easy when pressed for time to take the simple route which is what happened here. My bad!

  2. This is why I only write original articles, that was just way to complicated. Oh, and I occasionally write articles where apparently I pretend to talk to people and be all disreputable.

    Nevertheless, these points should not take away from the salient part of this discussion, the fact that mm has a crush. :)

  3. I don't know who this is, but LOL.


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