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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Corporate Social Media Is Not Social -- It's Sales Media

When it comes to corporate use of social media I have problems with the use of the word "social" because it's not accurate. It's not social.


Source: Apo


  1. Thanks for giving this its own blogpost, modelmotion.

    I agree with Mr. Foremski in his assessment inasmuch as he points out that repeatedly trying to invite the same folks to the "tupperware party" over and over again results in burnout.

    I think EQAL learned that long ago.

  2. maybe they realized long ago that the people coming to the tupperware parties were really just strange and creepy trolls who act like children and so they decided to start a business and stop inviting strange whinny creepy trolls to parties?

  3. What do you people have against tupperware parties?


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