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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros: Episode 1, "I'm Fine"

The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros: Episode 1, "I'm Fine" from Avi Glijansky on Vimeo.

Alas, Cupid is depressed these days and has been ever since his love, Psyche, ran away with that dermatologist. He goes about his duties with a forlorn mope, all the while hoping that some Egyptian goddess will dance with him at the inter-pantheon mixer, or that a mortal woman will fall for him instead of her dictated match.

Tired of Cupid's moping, Eros decides to snap him out of his funk by bolstering his dismal confidence. The plan is simple: take the morose god to a bar, find a mortal woman for him to seduce and remind him that as different as they are these days, time was when there was good reason that they were assumed to be the same deity. Simple enough... right?

LOS ANGELES, CA, April 23, 2010 - New York University's Tisch School of the Arts unveiled the Tisch West Web Series Showcase. This new initiative presents winning projects developed from conception to completion in a series of industry-run workshops and launched to a global audience. The Showcase features original ideas brought to life by writers, filmmakers, and actors who were selected from the thousands of NYU alumni living in the Los Angeles area.

The Web Series Showcase puts alumni writers in front of producers, agents, and investors searching for new talent. The idea grew out of a previously successful annual series of one-evening showcases for alumni filmmakers, writers, and actors. "Unlike the traditional showcase, our Web series is creating a direct pipeline to both the entertainment industry and an audience of millions," said Tisch alumnus and showcase creator, Theo Travers. The program features six, three-part Web shows, each with an average running time of five minutes. Chosen through a competitive blind process by a panel of Tisch alumni, each series was developed from pitch to Web series in just under four months. What distinguishes this Internet Web Series Showcase from others is its development and implementation by alumni with the full support of their alma mater. Tisch Dean Mary Schmidt Campbell said, "We are delighted that our School now has a means to celebrate our talented alumni writers and pleased and honored to support this bold new effort by our alumni."

To see the six winning series, visit http://www.writerslabwest.org/webshowcase/

LOS ANGELES, CA, April 23, 2010 - Highway 9 Pictures announces the launch of it's first Web Series "The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros." The show, created specifically for the Web by company founder Avi Glijansky, spotlights love, life and godly intervention.

While it's commonly believed that Cupid and Eros are two names for the same god, they are in fact colleagues, each the god of love in their respective pantheon. And while Cupid makes mortals fall for each other on a daily basis, he's finding it tough to get a date--even with the help of his sexy co-worker Eros. The show follows the duo as they go about their job, all the while trying to figure out for themselves what this thing they create in the world really means, and how to find it when a heart tipped arrow just doesn't seem to do the trick.

Based off the show's pilot script, "The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros" was invited to be part of the inaugural Tisch Web Series Workshop sponsored by NYU, The Tich West Alumni Council, and the NYU alumni group Writers Lab West. Of the 10 projects selected to be part of the workshop, "The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros" was one of six that NYU chose to support after completion. Production began in February and the the first three episodes of the Series went live on April 23rd 2010 at www.cupidanderos.com as well as on NYU's own Web Series Showcase site http://writerslabwest.org/webshowcase/. New content and bonus features continue to be added to www.cupidanderos.com and an additional 24 episodes are currently in development.

Sporting "...keen humor" (John Ott, Writer's Lab West) "...good writing and impressive performances" (William D Colella, EGuiders.com), all of Cupid and Eros' adventures are unapologetically romantic and full of comedy. Have some laughs, feel the love and get tagged at http://www.cupidanderos.com

Written and Directed by Avi Glijansky
Starring Josh Heine (Without a Trace, Law and Order: Criminal Intenet) Jo Bozarth (Ofelia and Joe), Kiera Anderson and Phillip Ward
Produced by Andy Wells and Avi Glijansky
Cinematography by Jefferson K. Loftfield
Edited by Matthew Smith


  1. this sight used to have real articles.

  2. And it still does

  3. Mythology comedies are so hot right now. I can ALMOST make a top five list. :)

  4. Can I get links to where the two articles copied to this article are from? I'd like to look more into this one.

  5. Hey Jenni, sorry I didn't see this sooner. This is Avi, the writer/director of TFAOC&E (which clearly needs a better abreeviation). If you want more info on the show you can check us out at www.cupidanderos.com. And you can view the original NYU press release at http://bit.ly/c1RCJY and the other showcase winners can be found here: http://bit.ly/9cteTW


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