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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jen Dawson On Marketing: 'Making Web Series'

What does it take to make a successful web series? What does it take to market a successful web series and find an audience? Watch and learn HOW TO MAKE A WEB SERIES as Rich Mbariket of Web Series Network follows 6 original web series content creators: Jennifer Dawson (Party Girl Plus One), Mike Ajakwe, Jr. (Ajakwetv.com), Alice Cutler (Saving Rent), Chris Wiltz (Semi Dead) and Aleem Hossain (Central Division).


  1. *facepalm*

  2. The key to marketing is to place your product in front of the customer packaged in a way that they find appealing. Posting a video to Youtube is not enough. Building your own web site is nice, but how will the viewer find it. More to the point, will they return on a regular basis?

    Certainly some shows have had good view numbers based on "front page" exposure on popular web sites. KateModern jumps to mind. Some series have even obtained financing for one season this way. That is the problem. Without a loyal audience that they "own" it will only be one season.

    Producers need to take their show to the audience. It is fine if the show is hosted on YouTube, that makes for a good home base but you need to identify your core viewer and take the conversation to them where they exist on a day to day basis. Those who do not learn that lesson will probably die in obscurity.

  3. That settles that. So whats the next drama? Turns out we've been spelling meep wrong, it's actually meap.

  4. Perhaps meap is an anagram that leads to a tiny url that leads to the 436 which leads to the solution to the final Cassie puzzle.

    just saying


  5. Cassie is 436. Woah! I just scared myself.


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