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Sunday, May 16, 2010

My YouTube Story: Jessica Rose

Jessica Rose played Bree in the Web series lonelygirl15. This is her story.

Created by Stephen Higgins, a filmmaker based in New York City, for YouTube's fifth birthday, May 2010.


  1. When Jessica Rose had red hair I'd forgotten how much she looked like Bree. They could be twins.

  2. What are you talking about? She looks NOTHING like Bree! That's like saying Owen looks like P. Monkey, man.

  3. She looks more like Cassie

  4. she is so pretty someone needs to hire her for something.

  5. Jess' videos has 467,692 views. From what I can tell, that's double the next closest in views with most only garnering 5 digits. In addition the "fake" comments are back.

    You have to wonder if they resurrected Bree today how well the videos would perform, seems obvious to me that the YT audience is still there.


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