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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

StayTunedTV.net: The Independent Production Portal

Going online just nine months ago StayTunedTV.net, co-founded by Frank Zanca and Timothy Ryder (producer-That 70s Show & 3rd Rock from the Sun), is looking to distinguish itself from the other distribution portals. I had the opportunity to talk with Frank about how they planned to accomplish this as well as the Award banquet-taking place in June.

StayTunedTV features over 50 shows with current features that include a monthly $500 contest for most viewed video and a regular fixed schedule for when the shows go live. STTV is willing to take shows that represent the true independent spirit creating for the Internet instills. I learned that the ultimate goal for the site is to be an independent production portal. STTV produces many of it’s own shows in-house including: Just the Three of Us, Sunset Standup, Shadow Raven and Greatest American Hero. Upcoming shows include Manipulation about a German doctor, who is forced by terrorists to kill a patient and Mystic Valley High, which Frank describes as Lord of the Rings, meets Sweet Valley High. In addition STTV wants to partner with other independent creators to produce their shows. If a creator has a story and a crew, STTV will pay the hard production costs (subject to agreement of a submitted proposal.)

The awards show is not an industry show but one specifically created to recognize only the shows that are featured on the site. Frank expressed that it’s meant as a thank you to the creators, the viewers and everyone who supports the site. The price of the ticket covers the guest’s meal, with StayTunedTV covering the costs of the red carpet and awards ceremony. There are two sets of categories: awards selected by the Voting Committee and Viewer’s Choice Awards. The Viewer’s Choice Awards can be voted on right up until the day of the show. Along with Tim and Frank, the Voting Committee consists of: AJ Tesler (www.ITVFEST.org), Leimomi Coloretti (www.Showbizsoftware.com), Patrick Bardwell (www.Slebisodes.com), Aaron Semmel (the Egyptian Theater, www.GreifCompany.com) and Phillipe Simon (www.SkyPilotTheatre.com). It was just recently announced that the awards show will be hosted by Todd Bridges (Diff'rent Strokes.)

Frank and I discussed many other interesting plans and initiatives in various forms of development for StayTunedTV but that they are not quite ready to announce publicly yet. We’ll keep StayTunedTV on the radar and let you know whenever they make a move.


  1. Franks a good guy. He's going to make this work


  2. Todd Bridges???? AHAHAHAHAHA

  3. Yeah you knew there had to be at least one person who all they would take away from this piece was Todd Bridges. Congrats on being that person.

  4. So its an award show for shows that they produce, so I guess its like an employee of the month award.

  5. They don't produce all the shows on the site.


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