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Friday, May 7, 2010

u-2 - iamamiwhoami



  1. I had seen the video B awhile ago (around the time it came out) and totally dismissed it as being some artistic video. I just watched all the rest of them and started doing some research. The only real pieces of information came from 3 sources so far.



    and http://www.facebook.com/pages/iamamiwhoami/270417754335

    The wikipedia page was great to catch up on some stuff that I had missed by just getting into them.

  2. Thanks fp. The fb pixs look applesauce...

  3. MM - BYH also sent me a very interesting link about iamamiwhoami. Not sure if anyone else saw this but it makes some very great discoveries. Hell maybe its one of our own that wrote it. Basically this is all a story about Mandrake mythology. And the person has a very good idea about this possibly being a Trent Reznor project. This seems right up his alley.


  4. Yeah, so what the hell is this thing?


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