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Friday, May 21, 2010

Venice Boulevard - Ep.1: Hollywood Stars

Description: Two Hollyood stars, Andre and CJ, reflect on the highlights of their careers on a talk show. Featuring Music by Conex, "L.A."

"Fully uncensored and sure to cause a stir, "Venice Boulevard" has just hit the net with its first three episodes, broadcasting on Funny or Die and You Tube. "Venice Boulevard" is a mockumentary-comedy that follows three young Hollywood stars putting their lifelong friendship to the test as they try to resurrect their careers and create their first movie together.

"Venice Boulevard" was first introduced to online viewers with a three-minute promo that was a finalist in the IFC.com-Scion Web Series Challenge. Created by award winning filmmaker, CJ Johnson, Venice Boulevard stars Andre Boyer (from the Emmy award winning web series, "Prom Queen"), CJ Johnson, and comedian, Channing Ross. Filled with comical satire and controversial jokes, our first three episodes shows a glimpse of what’s to come in an eight-episode run. With a "Entourage" meets "The Office" style, "Venice Boulevard" introduces a fast paced series that gives audiences a comical view of the Hollywood lifestyle with its freshly relatable characters while also showcasing the beauty of Los Angeles.

Along with it’s funny stories, "Venice Boulevard" also has an innovative fresh visual look, using handheld techniques and a grainy, yellowish tone giving the series a cinematic style not seen too often on the web. Its stories are created in a very collaborative effort and the remaining five episodes are currently being written. We are actively promoting our series and providing information through our social networking sites Twitter, Facebook, and You Tube. Our official website is under construction, but, you can view the first three episodes and three minisodes of "Venice Boulevard" on Funny or Die."


1 comment:

  1. I love this show... each episode pulls you in more. I can't wait to see more.


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