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Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Web.Files #37 - Stupid for Movies

The Web Files

The Web.Files returns this week with an all new episode featuring the recently launched movie review series, Stupid for Movies. Kristyn Burtt interviews hosts Wade Major and Marke Keizer as well as the series creator and producer Mike Rotman. The trio discuss how they are attempting to redefine the movie review format as well as the advantages and surprises of having such an interactive audience. Also, watch to see whether or not Kristyn is able to successfully stump the two movie experts with a bit of suggestively placed movie trivia.

Hosted by LA film critics Wade Major and Mark Keizer, Stupid for Movies covers both recent movies as well as DVD classics. Filmed in a converted and conveniently sound-proof garage, the series is the brain-child of Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show producer Mike Rotman. Major and Keizer, who also host a podcast, engage in an entertaining and occasionally raucous discussion of recently released movies as-well-as discussions of user suggested DVD’s in a segment called “Rent it, Buy it, or Burn it.” The show also features a weekly news segment hosted by YouTube ‘celebrity’ Chad Vader via Skype. The show streams every Thursday at 11 Eastern, 8 Pacific on Ustream. Also, following the live broadcast, episodes are uploaded to blip.tv.

Kristyn Burtt


  1. She should do an entire show where each question is printed on a Tshirt with the next question on a different Tshirt under the previous one which she pulls off while they are answering the question.

  2. And the final question wrote on her breasts?

  3. Stupid for Movies is an awesome show.

  4. Kristin Burtt mentioned this article and discussion on her website.


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