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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Web.Files #38 - Urban Wolf

The Web Files

On this week’s episode of The Web.Files the effervescent Kristyn Burtt interviews Laurent Touil-Tartour, the creator of Urban Wolf, winner of the best drama category at the ITVFest last year. Tartour took an interesting course to funding his series; he pitched it as a startup to venture capitalists, a bold move that paid off for the French writer - director. In the interview he recounts his experience making the series, his plans for future seasons, and his own bout with paranoia, which inspired the series.

Urban Wolf is a gritty drama about the pervasiveness of security cameras in modern society. The series centers on a newly arrived American tourist in Paris, who is stalked by a security camera operator for unknown reasons. The series was the recipient of the best drama award at last year’s ITVFest and is scheduled to debut on Crackle on May 13th.


  1. Was it just me, or was Kristyn doing some serious flirting in this interview?

  2. I think there were a few sparks flying.

  3. Ahhhh.....SO BUSTED! We had a blast shooting with Laurent and maybe I flirted a bit. ;)

    And thanks, Becca and Mathieas, for watching each week. Your support is really appreciated.
    :) kb

  4. Ha, I knew it. There were enough sparks to light a fire. Honestly, is there anything better than a French man to get a girl's heart pounding. ummm

  5. Yeah, now we can start rumors.

    Also, french guys? really? Sure they might talk about wine and cheese but first sign of trouble they'll start surrendering. :)

  6. Aw, no rumors. LOL He has a lovely wife and 4! kids and I have my amazing BF. Laurent is very charming and heck, why not flirt? :)


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