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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Webventures of Justin & Alden Ep. 3: Back to the Present

"Season 1 Ep. 1.3 Two words. Vampires! OK, we know that's just one word. Justin & Alden fight a battle of wits against Hollywood's latest craze, then find themselves within reach of their ultimate goal: getting to the Streamy Awards to give Felicia Day their web series script! Special appearances by Scott Chernoff, Adam Leiphart, Jessica Rose, Douglas Sarine and Taryn Southern. Tell us what you think at http://facebook.com/tridentgum."


  1. With all the big name talent, this show should be a lot better than
    "Oh, we did something stupid, but its funny because we acknowledge it was stupid."

  2. I'd still do them.

  3. Are they playing themselves or are we not supposed to know it's Taryn and Jessica?

  4. Well, Jessica is definitely a vampire IRL so I'd say thy are totally playing themselves. *sarcasm* :)

  5. Well that sucked, but Jessica and Taryn are hot so it doesn't matter. Was the vampire with the beard the guy who does 'Ask A Ninja'? He sounded just like him.

  6. I thought Bree was the suckee not the sucker.

    The sucker was Lord Curuthers (and boy did he suck -little hobbit in a dime store cloak pfff way to be a clique dude).


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