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Monday, May 24, 2010

Welcome to the Party: Party Girl Plus One the web series

A guest post from the creators of the Party Girl Plus One webseries:

Hey Party People!

How do GUYS acts on dates? What do GIRLS think on dates? And how does anyone FIND true LOVE amidst all the types of people out there?

Welcome to Party Girl Plus One, the web series. Once Jen realizes she's outstayed her welcome in the "Singles Lane," she's ready to abandon her previous dating criteria and will date anyone and everyone until she finds her true Plus One. Party Girl Plus One chronicles hilarious individual dates from Jen's dating diary as self contained 4 minute episodes and uncovers a journey about life, love and self discovery.

Based on actual dates from Jennifer Dawson's dating diary.

Here's how it all begins with Episode 1: "Party Girl". This video contains adult themes and may not be suitable for minors.

Jennifer Dawson as Jen
Vince Pavia as Vic
Director of Photography Daniel Doherty
Edited by Jennifer Dawson and Daniel Doherty


  1. Oh great. Now series are going to apply to be "authors" here just to pimp their own shows. Is this what we really want the blog to become?

  2. Shameless spam is shameless.

  3. It is not spam to post a web series. We do it all the time because we are based on the web series community. It is up to the community to give feedback on whether or not they enjoy a show and then the poster can judge accordingly.

  4. I must say, Jen Dawson definitely knows how to shoot a sexy and funny sex scene! Good stuff!! :)

  5. I for one don't think it is a good idea to let series creators use the site to plug their shows, this was a bad decision one which I had nothing to do with.

  6. If it didn't look so tacky, I probably wouldn't care. This looks more like a spam ad for Viagra than a description of a new web series.

  7. I think it's great for these types of series to get out there and spread the word! However, too many colors and caps and bold and blech. Ridiculous typing, putting to shame an otherwise good idea.

  8. Perhaps we can implement a system like Whedonesque, which kindly suggests authors not post stories that they are directly a part of. It's completely done on the honor system but it's always been really successful.

    In the end, the only people the authors are damaging by posting their own shows are their show itself because of the perception of it being spam. Which is unfortunate.

  9. Handing over unfettered access to any Tom, Dick, or Harry, to post whatever the hell they want is a terrible idea. If a web series wants a mention they should email the site.

    I have a whole post about publicity an what not that I was waiting to post once we got the new redesign up and running; however, it looks like that is never going to happen.

  10. I always knew this site was a joke.

  11. Well, I mean there have been people who have set up accts. with phony names to promote their own stuff hasn't there? The only thing I see wrong with that is I think it makes a better case for your show if you can get an actual article written than just posting some promotional copy so I feel like that is always the first thing you should try.

  12. The blog was originally set up to allow community members to keep each other up to date with what is going on. It was set up as a collaborative blog for that reason. Who better to post about what is going on with their web series than the person/team who created them.

    This is something we have always done and if the community does not like the web series or other content they generally make it known to the person who posted it. That has happened in the past so the feedback system works effectively.

  13. I look at it this way, better the creator to introduce the show than a writer giving it a glowing review that is nothing more than a press release on the show in question's behalf. (Tubefilter, I'm looking directly at you.)

    Just because one snotty annon had a problem with this doesn't justify completely changing the site.

  14. I'd agree with Mathieas with the following caveat:

    When the material in question is going to be flagged inappropriate at YouTube (I didn't do it this time) then a series creator would be wise to consult with the blog before posting.

    I mean really. It should be blatantly obvious that a show that includes softcore porn would get flagged, at least to anyone who has been following such issues as long as most of us have been.

  15. Doesn't The Bannen Way have gratuitous sex in it?

  16. Great example of my point Chris. The Bannen Way doesn't have their videos posted at YouTube. I suspect it is for this very reason.

  17. I'm not suggesting a fluff piece. I'm sure in one email exchange a writer could ask some pointed questions and result in an article with some quotes from the creator that in the end is more effective than marketing copy.

  18. Yes but Bannen has gotten extensive coverage here, especially during streamy season and if I'm not mistaken, Mark Gantt was scheduled as a guest writer here at one point. If you're going to condemn Dawson, you have to go after Bannen for the same reasons.

  19. Chris;

    I didn't condemn anyone. I just suggested that Mathieas was correct and provided the logic behind that suggestion.

    You can try and characterize my post to be something it is not if you like, but I'm fairly sure most people here can see through that sort of tactic.

    Also, please feel free to fuck off. You already got pwned at AnchorCove for your stupid self-serving bullshit, if you want that here too, you got it.


  20. Yes, Mark was going to write an article for the site, but his schedule didn't allow for it. The difference is, that would have been much like the other guest articles I asked various members of the web series space to write, about his experiences making the show, what being nominated meant to him, etc.

    Is that a puff piece, eh maybe, everything doesn't need to be scandals and animal acts around here. I do think it would have been an interesting read, just as the one's that were written, provided unique insights and views.

    Also, it isn't as if I gave them full author privileges so that they could post willy-nilly whatever they want.

  21. well, is the community consensus that creators shouldn't be able to spam their own series on webseries today? that seems to be the consensus to me.

    i would propose that a creator can submit their series for one informational post with proposed text that the eventual poster (someone other than the creator) can tweak and post. (I would volunteer to be one of the authors willing to do this.) every web series thats not total BS can get a post alerting the world to their existence. other than that, a webseries creator that is an author cannot post about their own projects.


  22. That's a good idea milo, it could be a regular feature. Could format it so that it stands apart from regular content, calling an announcement or something so that people understand it isn't a review or even an endorsement, but gives little shows that don't get attention a chance to at least 'make their pitch'.

  23. i have taken the liberty of reformatting the html of the post. the content is unchanged.

    mm - i can send you the old html if you want to revert.

  24. It is actually helpful to have a web series creator post their series if the series meets with community approval.

    In the end if the community does not like the series it is probably not going to get posted. That has happened in the past but that is up to the person who signs up to become an author to decide.

    The core philosophy on which the blog is based is one that allows community members to make posts if they so choose. They, and they alone are accountable for their post, subject to the reaction of the community. That is how it has always been and that was central to the original creation of the blog. It may not be right for everyone, but it is what it is.

  25. comment one: i think the brouhaha about this post would not have occurred if it was originally formatted like i changed it - i.e., removing the bad frontpage font and color changes, and leaving the text, and adding the introductory post. I am totally sure the creator and poster did not want to do ANYTHING to piss people off - they are just trying to spread their labor of love.

    comment two: this show has pretty high production values. and a lot of sex. while its more like traditional TV, it could develop an audience.

  26. At the LAWebFest Party Girl Plus One won Outstanding Achievement in Comedy Series, Lead Actress and Writing!


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