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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Zimm The Series - Male and Female Screen Tests - ZimmTheSeries

Zimm The Series - Female Version Screen Test

Zimm The Series - Male Version Screen Test

Hi! We're excited about our new web series and we want you, our audience, to weigh in and let us know which actor you'd like to see play the lead character of Zimm.

We have two great actors and we love what each of them bring to the character. However, we can only have one Zimm.

Should Zimm be MALE or FEMALE? Let us know what you think at:

This is a rough cut from the pilot. It has TEMP SOUND and a TEMP SCORE but you'll get the idea.


New Sci-Fi Series Lets Fans Choose Lead Actor

Zimm, a 24-esque, science fiction, action series needs your help deciding if the lead character should be a man or woman.

BURBANK, CA -- Zimm, an original sci-fi, action-thriller, described as 24 with aliens, is letting viewers vote on whether the lead character should be a man or woman. Fans can go to www.zimmtheseries.com and watch two dueling screen tests. One features the lead character, Bailey Zimm, being played by a woman and the other features Zimm being played by a man.

Executive Producers Maryam Storm and Gregory Storm came up with the idea of letting viewers vote on the lead character as a way of getting the audience involved and excited about Zimm from the start. This interaction will allow the audience to be more personally invested in seeing where the series goes since they played a direct part in the show's trajectory.

Zimm the series follows Bailey Zimm, an over-stressed, undercover, NSA Field Agent who is unwillingly recruited by a secret arm of the government to help prevent a terrorist attack by a newly discovered alien race.

The series is created and written by Gregory Storm whose writing credits include The CW's Girlfriends and ABC's Night Stalker.

In the short time since the videos went live, the screen tests have had over 2,000 views and counting. You may view the Female Zimm Screen Test directly by visiting http://www.zimmtheseries.com/?p=12 and the Male Zimm Screen Test directly by visiting http://www.zimmtheseries.com/?p=18.

For more information and to see who the viewers choose to play Zimm, please visit www.ZimmTheSeries.com. Zimm is also on Twitter at www.twitter.com/ZimmTheSeries and Facebook at www.facebook.com/ZimmTheSeries.


  1. Oh, bullocks. Based on the cinematography and the audio quality, they clearly just half-assed a male version to give the audience an illusion of choice.

  2. Seriously. Maybe it's just me, but the actor for the male version just seems way better, though. He hits the comedic timing perfectly. The female version is just too dry.

    (Guess which one is winning overall, though... >.>)

  3. Really? I thought the male actor was horrible! Not even slightly believable... and Anon makes a good point, the editing on the male video is awful and it makes him look even worse...

  4. Yeah, I have to agree with the anons, male actor was horrible

  5. Maybe I just liked the cheese of him more. :P

  6. The cinematography/camera work/editing/audio/even the EXTRAS look half assed in the male version, as if they've already filmed the entire series with the female, but they decided to add a crappy male version to try and get a larger audience by using a 'audience choice' gimmick.

  7. @Anonymous (May 8, 2010 8:55 PM & May 10, 2010) - Not exactly sure why you seem so hostile, but at least you're passionate about your opinion and we thank you for watching both scenes.

    Here is some more background to address your issues.

    Most people -- including us -- see it the other way around and think that the camera work an editing were stronger in the Male Version. However, the audio is better in the Female Version do to the way we mic'ed the scene. After hearing all of the problems of traffic noise and levels with the Male Version we decided to use a different microphone and as you can see it made a huge difference.

    Thanks again for watching!

  8. @Shiori & @BronzeGolem - Your choices have been counted. Thanks!

  9. If you think the camera work is better in the male version, then I don't want you filming the series. :)


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