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Sunday, June 6, 2010

5 Questions With…LisaNova (AKA Lisa Donovan)


"Many people don’t understand the fact that YouTube is a totally different kind of entertainment medium, which is much more personal and connective with the audience."



  1. Lisa nailed it several times here.

    A lot of people, (especially in the LA Bubble,) disrespect Lisa and her fellow Youtubers but the bottom line is that she has the most profitable racket going in the web series world today. The Youtubers, like them or not, are relevant and the LA Bubble is not. Lisa outlined the reasons why perfectly here.

    The biggest problem in LA is that they are using the web as solely an audition to get onto tv and NOT trying to build an audience for the most part. That or producing glossy commercials passed off as web series'. There is nothing wrong with doing either of those things but trying to pass this off as the REAL industry and sweeping everyone else under the rug like they do is short sighted and petty.

    Until the Youtubers are no longer pulling in huge views, sub rates and partner $$$ the Bubble has to adapt or continue to get snowed under.

  2. Those producing web series could learn a lot from the Youtubers. They have learned how to get close to their audience and engage them in powerful and interactive ways. That is not to say a web series needs to be interactive, but rather that the way you need to relate to your audience is intrinsically different from conventional passive entertainment...... at least if you hope to build an organic viewer base cost efficiently.


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