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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cinemassacre 200

This is aimed at everyone who produces and creates content for the web.

Luck has a LOT to do with the success of many artists in general, not just Youtubers or web series creators. In some cases it's just a case of being the right person in the right place at the right time. In other cases it's knowing the right person. Then there's some who make it by the virtue of sheer dumb luck.

Having said that it is talent and hard work that dictate whether said artist sinks or swims after getting that initial break. Case in point James Rolfe:

Now I've covered James a few times this week but this video is an example of why he is successful and why he is able to make a living making videos even though he is based in Philadelphia. (Not exactly a hotbed for entertainment.) James got famous for his Angry Video Game Nerd character but this video shows you just how much work he has put into his filmmaking. Most if not all of his works have been labours of love and he is very dedicated to his craft.

We can all learn something from Rolfe. He shows us that it doesn't matter what kind of technology you have or whether the budget is 10 million or 10 dollars as long as your heart is in it. He also shows us that it really doesn't matter what your production values are as long as the content is fun to watch.

Having witnessed so much upheaval in the industry over the last year, this video inspired me more than anything I've seen in the last 3 years of making web shows. I hope people involved in the web series industry on all levels watch this video. James' passion shows us what got us into the business in the first place and for this he will always have my respect and my thanks.


  1. This is true. As long as what you post is something people want to watch!


  2. What is great is that he continually tries to evolve his story telling and his techniques. What he lacks in budget he makes up for in creativity. Now he has been rewarded with some cash flow from his other efforts hopefully he will continue along that path.

    Gen Z has grown up with all the digital tools they need. Hopefully in the next decade we will see them add their own creativity and unleash the real power of the Www to provide us with a plethora of original, adventurous and exciting entertainment.

  3. The thing James has done better than anyone, The Guild included, is tap into niche markets while persuing his passions at the same time. He also goes deep into the creative process and invites his viewers to come along for the ride with him.

    To be that hard core truely lives up to the name, it is HARD. But the rewards are substantial and that doesn't always mean money or trophies.


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