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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Level 26: Dark Prophecy is Wrapped

Posted by Anthony E. Zuiker

Big Yellow Hero and FemaleProdigy were flown out for their set visit and appearance in the bridges.

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  1. After all the drama of the contest it is nice to see the "pay off" was there. Anthony has a lot of bright ideas. Sometimes they get him in trouble online but he is willing to take risks and experiment.

    What is more, is that he is willing to jump in the trenches and participate and learn.

    Having community members get to meet someone like Anthony and participate in this kind of experience is the type of "collaboration" the web opens up.

    Props to Anthony for taking the time to persevere and interact in the way he does.

  2. He was absolutely fantastic and while we were there, it was like a big family working together. We got to stay on set the entire day even after we were done w/ our scene. Meeting Dan and Justine was amazing. I can't say just how great it was without repeating the same words over and over again!

    Everyone was very patient with BYH and I as we shot the scene we were in to make sure we hit the right marks at the right time to make it look perfect.

    This really is something great that the web was able to do. It also brought together 2 Level26 members who never met but who feel like best friends the moment they meet face to face.


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