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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Team YouTube Gets More Support: Creators File Amicus Brief

"...arguing that to make YouTube responsible for the content posted on the site could destroy what has been built there."


The brief (pdf):

The Sideshow Coalition

If Viacom wins this lawsuit, YouTube may be forced to manually approve every video uploaded to the website, making it impossible but for a select few to post videos on the site.

The Knight Shift is standing up for The Sideshow Coalition

"One of the things that has galled me most is how Viacom and its mega-hypocrite of a CEO Sumner Redstone have shown such disdain toward independent content producers such as myself."

Weekend Poll: What Will You Do If YouTube Loses The Viacom Lawsuit?



  1. The notion that Youtube is a safe harbor is central to the functioning of Youtube. This becomes complicated when the site owner places advertising on the videos and next to the videos.

    Perhaps the central problem is not Youtube but the very notion and intent of copyright laws in the first place. Unlike “real property” they are a creation of government and we all know that government has fallen victim to the hands of special interests. Until we fix that fundamental problem it is unlikely that any of the derivative issues can be resolved in a satisfactory manner. As a result the www should not subject itself to the arbitrary rules of nation states whose interests conflict with freedoms created by the www.

    Copyright is always a hard issue. Everyone wants to see the results of creative efforts. Everyone wants them to be commercially viable. However the original laws were intended to help creators obtain a "fair reward" for their efforts. They do not create "absolute ownership" but rather try to create a framework where the creators are able to make a profit. When the such laws are used in a way that defies common sense one has to wonder about their basis and logic. If on the other hand their is clear damage to a "property" then that is certainly something that should be considered.

    It is time to put the W back in www.

  2. w-wait...which 'w'?


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