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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Think of Laura" Interpretive Dance Doghouse Challenge #1 - bigandawesomeproduct


Oh yeah. Hi Youtube! Let me introduce myself by putting on skin tight leotards from Goodwill.

Brian and I are trying to get into the ARG world this summer, and when we named our company, we errrr didn't buy the site right. We meant to. We bought hosting. Anyway, once we thought we were all in the clear, we started following ARG people on twitter. That's when our error was illuminated by Rowan72 with a beautiful bunny with a pancake on its head. For now, see that here:


Hi Rowan! Hi Strifey

Accepting defeat and embarrassed, we bought a backup site ( http://www.bigandawesomeproductions.com ..so looooonnnnggg!!!)

In a tremendous act of kindness, Rowan has offered us a trade to get our original sleek domain back...or for the first time. We have to accomplish three challenges. This video is the first: We were instructed to perform an interpretive dance to Christopher Cross' "Think of Laura." I think you will probably never think of Laura the same way again after you watch this.

Song Ba-Donk'd at http://www.donkdj.com , and we definitely don't have the rights to it or a license to wear a leotard. Do not blame us for the 5 hours you spend at donkdj.com.

This is so embarrassing it should count double. Let us know what #2 will be, and we will do our best.

A Big and Awesome Introduction

Now that you've seen me in skin tight clothing, I think it's time for introductions.

I don't have much to add to the video except perhaps some links.

ARG at wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alternate_reality_game

Doghouse Challenges Explained (for now) - http://www.bigandawesome.com

Our Companies current website until we win the challenge - http://www.bigandawesomeproductions.com

Challenge 1 video is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wOeqE6F2Xg

Follow us at twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bigandawesome

I have an amazing idea for the 2nd Challenge from Rowan72, but it's so huge. I need to be using all my time to work on our game (which is also pretty badass BTW).

I should definitely give respect to the inspiration behind the shooting and editing of this vlog.

This guy makes me laugh, and I think his vlogs are great. If we are half as entertaining as he is, then win!

One day, Brian will be able to edit as well as this guy.



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