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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Actors: How To Book That Web Series

"So I reached out to two friends of mine, Stephanie Thorpe and Jenni Powell, experts who I knew had a thing or two to say about casting…"



  1. Some good points about social media here. It is quite astounding how many series creators, cast and crew forget to RT posts that contain their series. It is almost like they just do not understand how social media works.

  2. One should probably include Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon etc etc etc and of course Facebook "like" in addition to Twitter RT. Social media is a cumulative process, not a one time hit.

  3. all great points, Matt, esp about having the right attitude about webseries - same goes for assembling a crew - dreams are realized by dreamers -- think many will be sorry they felt that way...in the not-so-distant future (i hope ;)

  4. Absolutely right MM, twitter is not the "be all" of social media and I feel that a lot of people forget about that. Even though I don't really do anything special I still know that using services that go out to all my social media outlets helps me out in the long run. Facebook, twitter, Flickr (if i'm doing pictures), then of course digg and other sites like it. By utilizing all those resources you can really get word out there.

    I should really be doing social media stuff for a company! lol


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