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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Greg Benevent and John Reha create "My Personal Demon"

Do you watch Bumps in the Night? If so you should check this out. Greg Benevent (Greg) wrote the script and John Reha (John) plays a demon assigned to a wicked soul. If you watch like John as a skeptical ghost hunter, you'll love him as a personal demon. Watch and rate! If it does well it could be made into a film!


  1. This could work as a web series if they focussed it in on 3-4 min episodes.

  2. I agree. I just hope they do something more with it. I love Greg's writing and John is hilarious as a demon (it seems so out of character to me LOL).

  3. modelmotion: We are thinking about what to do with it. Hopefully, we win the contest and get to turn it into a feature, but we've had discussions about pitching it as a TV series.

    Ang: How is it out of character? I'm snarky and Magic! I AM!

    A little misnomer: even if you aren't watching Bumps in the Night, you should go vote for My Personal Demon.

    Also, if you're not watching Bumps in the Night...why the HELL not?


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