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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Who is Josh? What is he trying to tell me? - ThePsychgirl99 (TheExperimentWIP)

WTF are those documents all about? I can't even read them all! Josh, whoever you are, why not just give me the documents so I can read them all to figure out who I am?

See also:

Stalemate.wmv - TheExperimentWIP

Dr. Constance:

You're using children as pawns, and yet in your e-mail you called me disturbed? How little you understand my actions. Never assume you are the master here! Where would you be without me?

Do not worry, you will receive a response soon enough...most likely several. And do not worry your head about the displacements...I am preparing to solve the first one, if only Lanie would decide to help...


Danielle Lockett.3GP - TheExperimentWIP


Where have you been? I'm sure the good doctor is looking for you....

Shouldn't you be dead?



The Experiment: A Work in Progress…


1 comment:

  1. Does anybody know anything about those labs and drugs?


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