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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Winners for NATPE's NextTV Competition to be Announced at the LATVFest

With the LATVFest, it's NATPE's (National Association of Television Producers & Executives) objective to bring together creative TV and digital content producers with development executives, agents, advertising and brand executives, software solutions and technology and equipment providers. This is achieved through a 4 day conference that offers panel discussions, pitching opportunities, networking events and the NextTV competition.

"The mission of the NATPE LATV Fest NextTV Competition is to showcase and reward excellence for a professionally generated video web series. Through the Next TV Competition, NATPE is searching for the best pilot for a new web series or the best new episode from existing web series."

In addition to a Grand Prize, the winners of each category will get a development meeting with it's categories sponsor and other prizes. Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony at the LATVFest on July 14.

Dramatic Webisode Finalists

Comedy Webisode Finalists

Neighborhood Watch at the


Directed by Anthony DeLosa

Parking Garage: Beyond the

Directed by John Dabrowski

Central Division -"Episode 1"

Directed by Aleem Hossain

Everyone Counts,

Directed by Peter Sullivan

Submitted by Kelsey Ann Wedeen

Directed by Marc D'Agostino
Directed by Heather Laird

Reality/Unscripted/DIY Webisode Finalists

Branded Entertainment Webisode Finalists

Concert Season,
Directed by Wesley Boles
Directed by Kostas Metaxas

RedCarpet Run,

Directed by Daryl Goldberg

Submitted by Michael Todd Cohen


Directed by Scott Bryce

Submitted by Cynthia Bledsoe

JobQuest Episode #1,
Directed by Evan Petty


Directed by Jorge Rivera

Submitted by Application
Security, Inc.

For more info: http://latvfest.net/latvfestival/


  1. Good on Immo for making it as a finalist!!! :)

  2. Awesome shout out for the LA FEST-- but the Red Carpet Run link doesn't work :(

  3. Hopefully RedCarpet Run http://redcarpetrun.tv/
    works now...

  4. Thanks Venus Spa, now to figure out how to capitalize on this opportunity...

  5. Yay! It totally does. Awesomeness. Thanks!!


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