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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How to Make It on Youtube: Web Series Trailer - SAXjewell

The Web Series is called How to Make it on Youtube. Its sort of a Parody on the HBO show How to Make it in America. Its a live action Drama/Comedy Web-Series about a few of High school graduates wanting and trying to get Big on Youtube in 2010. Now that the Youtube is as big as it is now, things are more competitive, and its now harder to get noticed on Youtube. The Story follows the characters on their Journey to Internet stardom and success. The Series will be very realistic and will show the disappointed, and struggle that comes with trying to become a Youtube star today. Some of those struggles include Accounts getting closed or hacked, balancing life and Youtube, and more importantly, trying to get people watching your videos that you worked so hard on. In 2010 trying to become a Youtube success is a full time job, that requires hard work, dedication, networking, and a thick skin. This series is for anyone who has uploaded a Youtube Video, anyone who wants to become a partner, anyone who has put their all into a video and gotten no views, for anyone who would do anything to make it on Youtube. Its a true Underdog Story.

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