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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

On This Day in LG15 History: Bree Now Dead for Three Years

Three years ago today, August 3, 2007, Bree Avery was killed in the Season 1 finale of Lonelygirl15.

The fact that it was three years ago (an Era in Internet Time) is highlighted by the fact that the finale was featured (as an exclusive for the 1st day) on "myspace", a formerly popular social networking site you may remember.

Among other highlights, the first "12 in 12" featured a rollicking car chase and crash in the 3rd video of the day.

August 3, 2007 was a very emotional day for Lonelygirl15 fans, and if you look at the old comment threads, you'll see how deeply watchers connected with the show and with Bree.

A few of the early comments to the final 12 in 12 installment from the lg15.com forum.
  • Maccadole: "I can't believe it's over. As I listened I got a flashback of her from her first few videos... God, I can't believe she's gone."
  • -R-: "I think I'm gonna throw up. Why? Why, Bree? You could have won!"
  • kellylen: "omg I havent cried this hard in months. maybe even in a year. her voicemail just made me cry so much."
  • mommydiva: "I literally feel sick to my stomach. Although I have not participated in the forums much.. I have been a loyal LG15 fan since the beginning. I hate that I became so attached to it. God I think I am going to need a flipping therapist. I am crying like a family member died. I just can't believe this...."
  • tricky-ticky-tavi: "I think today was great....a ton of fun in chat and it was great to see everyone there. That being said, Bree being gone is awful. I felt like she was leaving, but to see it - it was just sad. Things won't be the same here. No matter what comes next, this is lonelygirl15 without the lonelygirl."


  1. SHE'S NOT DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bree is not dead. She is just resting.....

  3. I remember when an article like this would generate a lot of comments and reminiscing.

  4. Imagine what googling yourself can do. I'm quoted here.

    It really was the end of an era. I get really nostalgic when I think back to the early YouTube days.
    LG15 was a brilliant webseries and one of a kind.

    I remember being very emotionally invested in it, and it was sad to see Bree go. It wasn't the same after that, although I still watched until the bitter end.

  5. Epic!!! Thanks for dropping in. Milo did a great job with these videos but it is nice to see that the power of Google still holds the LG15 community together, if only loosely.


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