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Thursday, September 16, 2010

BlackBoxTV takes down Lonelygirl15


A few minutes ago BlackBoxTV over took Lonelygirl15 in terms of subscriptions. The Lonelygirl15 channel has been increasing very slowly and was at 152,538 subs when BlackBoxTV sped past it.



Not to worry Lonelygirl15, the channel still outpaces BlackBoxTV in terms of views with approximately 200,000 views per day while the much newer BlackBoxTv tends to get "view spikes" when they release individual videos promoted by a number of prominent YouTubers.

Note that the spike in early September is an anonomly probably created by a glitch in the Tubemogul/Youtube monitoring system.


  1. Who is still watching LG15?

  2. The other graphs on the Lonelygirl15 chart show you the main videos being watched. Note that one is limited access on YouTube so even though popular, it shows up as zero views on the graph.

  3. Joe, by looking at the titles of the videos for Lonelygirl15, I would have to say the people watching them are probably those looking for Hot girls tied up in the bedroom getting spicy while kissing. SO, my guess would be horny guys are still watching LG15! Just sayin!

  4. Or people from the evil ORDER trying to track down what really happened to BREE.



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