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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hollywood is Like High School with Money: Ep. 6: Embrace Your Inner Drama Geek

Taylor goes undercover to put an end to Kylie's blackmail.


  1. From what we can gather from Alloy the version on their site is geoblocked to the USA but the version that is released on Youtube several days later is not geoblocked. We have not tested this yet, but if anyone is interested we could delay the post and test the Youtube version instead. If not then we will continue with the most current video.

    Leave a comment if you would like to help test the Youtube version and you are not in the USA.

  2. Looks like the youtube version is out already, so we added it for comparison.

  3. Geoblocked on Youtube too.

    Screw them if Canadian views aren't good enough for them.

  4. Some stuff on youtube is geoblocked. For example Dr Who content from the BBC tends to be geoblocked on Youtube.

  5. modelmotion @AlloyTV Apparently the Youtube version of HILHWM is also geoblocked http://tinyurl.com/32zyd8k This is insulting to a global audience.

  6. Allowing the world to see the show for as many as 5-6 episodes and THEN slamming the door and geoblocking is for all intents and purposes, showing two fingers to your viewers. Frankly that's an a-hole move and it's shameful.


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