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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

McG and Bryan Singer pull a Joss Whedon and go Web

Two up-and-coming-directors are joining two established filmmakers for a pair of Web series that will be financed and distributed by Warner Bros., sources familiar with the projects say.

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Source: Web Series Network:
Indie Web Series Creators Facing Extinction In Five Years If We Don't Come Together As One


  1. This is such old news, not about the shows (finally) coming to fruition, but about McG. He's been "producing" web series going on 3 years including Sorority Forever, Exposed (my show), Ghostfacers and others in the pipeline. Just goes to show how behind the times the LA Times really is...

  2. Thanks Blake!!!

    Found this on Wikipedia for anyone who wants to read up:


    All I can say is that Supernatural has been pretty amazing.

    Also see:


  3. Oh McG is also an exec producer of Nikita. That is off pretty good start.


  4. My one issue with thewb.com is that their RSS feed does not work with my regular RSS reader.

    eg: http://www.thewb.com/shows/feed/exposed

    It does work with Newsfire but not with Socialite.

    Very weird, but very very very inconvenient.


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