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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

TheExperimentWIP ....

This is a message...

This is a message for Dr. Constance.... Listen up!


Date: 09112010
Time: 2140
Security Camera: C-16 (conference 1)

-Found this by accident as I examined more security feed from the facility. I do not know how many more videos I will be able to locte as they have begun to lock down my security access. They have not been able to completely block me yet, but they are getting closer. I will try to see what else I can uncover while I can.

-Cassie's Friend

Face Off and Plan Revealed

Date: 09112010
Time: 2200
Security Camera: Room 107

-Started to retrieve this video; however, they found my access point and locked me out. I am going to try my second ghost access to see if it is still viable. I hope Lanie knows what she is doing. There is more yet to be uploaded if I can get to it. I think I am understanding things a bit more.

-Cassie's Friend

Explanations Threats Ultimatums Revelations

Date: 09112010
Time: 2210
Security Camera: Room 107

-Ghost access achieved. They are tracking me, so there is not much time. Finally some answers about Joshua, but they are not comforting. Dr. Constance has been manipulating more than just people. Where is this other location Dr. Constance speaks of, and who is this mysterious woman that is "more powerful" than Dr. Constance. Where is Great?

There are more security feeds, but I don't know if I can access them. They are getting close to blocking me. I do fear for Lanie's life, and I hope she will be ok.

I will attempt to upload more if possible.

-Cassie's Friend

So Sorry, Addison

Addy, dear... I've got more to tell you now that I've talked with Robert. I can't tell you while I'm here at the lab though. I need to get out.
- Mom

A Price On Her Head?

Date: 09112010
Time: 2237
Security Camera: Office 107A

-This is the last security feed that I can find on the system. Nothing else from that night seems to exist. It is as if someone erased all of the video.

I am worried about Lanie and hope she made it out alive. It seems that Dr. Constance has set his course.

It is obvious, something must be done to stop "them".

-Cassie's Friend


The Experiment: A Work in Progress…



  1. Fell a bit behind on this one, but this gets us up to day. It makes a big post, but there has been a lot going on.

  2. This series of videos were all recorded in a four hour stint, and slowly released to develope several aspects of the story.

    The purpose of the experiment and motives are finally revealed, and kind of starts off a new arc in which the cards are on the table and everyone has to make a decision.

    If anyone is interested in joining the story, now is a good time to jump in!

  3. It was quite crazy filming them all, but when you watch them in order, they tell a lot.

    Pixie aka Lanie

  4. Perhaps someone could give a short recap of the story so far to make it easier for anyone who wants to jump in at this point.

  5. MM, a short "trailer" of sorts is being worked on. Possibly even a recap of everything thus far. With more videos I think this "experiment" could be pretty interesting. Especially after Dr. Constance tries to "call out" Danielle!

  6. A trailer (actually, a few trailers covering different parts) is/are being created.

    And, for those who were wondering, by "joining in", I'm asking viewers to become PART of the story, not just a viewers. Ever wanted to be in a video series? Contact Pixie or myself, and we can explain how you can.

    [email protected]


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