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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fifteen Days Of Darkness [Ministry of Argon/VA]

This ARG is related to the Vanessa Atalanta ARG and the Ministry of Argon ARG, which have both now ended.




Research credit: femaleprodigy


  1. received from someone on unfiction to help me catch up on the story so far.

    In summary...

    Some people got postcards from a character called O (=Orpheus and Oeagrusson). We solved the codes to reveal the birth chart of Sabine Baring-Gould. O. recommended we all read 'The Book of Werewolves' and we solved clues to lead us to Oborot. They are an organisation intent on bringing the 15 days of darkness, starting 21st December. On the other side, we found Aspen (the silver poplar) who strives to uphold goodness.

    Oborot need to open 3 'gates',one in London (opened 2 weeks ago and involved the death of Oborot's IT person, Ben Vehra, and the disappearance of two other characters - Vladimir Sirin and Genia Morana. Vladimir is a character from previous two Args and Genia is a healer based in Brecon (and who works with Stuart). Stuart and Genia's boss at BleiddHealing is Chloe Newton, a member of Oborot. The other two gates are in Edinburgh (being opened on Hallowe'en) and in Brecon, Wales.

    There is another character called Claire Vanessa Atlanta, also from the two previous ARGs, who was tutored by Orpheus at University. She lives in Wolverhampton, England. She must be protected...she was dating Ben Vehra until his death.

    Two of us have successfully infiltrated Oborot, me and another. Oborot is led by Jayden A. Doyle, who murdered Ben Vehra.

    So, we're currently waiting to see what happens on Hallowe'en and trying to work out what's happened to the missing characters.

    All Facebook character links are on my FB page.

    You also need:


    http://theorderofoborot.com/BB/ (you wont be able to login here though)



  2. OH... also



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