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Saturday, October 30, 2010


Ghouls - Episode I

In the series premiere, five classic movie monsters ponder their financial future, with a push from a not-so-welcome colleague.


Ghouls - Episode II

The Ghouls make their first attempt to get back into scaring. Meanwhile, Wolfman sets up the investment plan to secure their financial future.

Ghouls - Episode III

The Ghouls deal with unfortunate circumstances very differently. Dracula attempts a solo scare while the others visit a local bar for a rousing round of trivia.

Ghouls - Episode IV

The Ghouls have their first "successful" scare while Jason meets with a studio head to discuss future projects. Later, Mummy tells the rest of the Ghouls the merits of social networking.

Ghouls - Episode V

Dracula and Frankenstein go to Vampfest while the Mummy starts having success with the social networks. Jason and Royce meet again at pilates.

Ghouls - Episode VI

The Ghouls hatch a plan to meet Royce McCutchens, but will Jason stand in their way? Find out in the Season 1 finale!


  1. Hilarious on so many levels. Well played!!! Just wish we had found it sooner, but better late than never...

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