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Friday, October 15, 2010

IAWTV Acceptance Letter To Previously Rejected Applicant

"As Chair of the Membership Committee I watched our committee struggle with the criteria which was very subjective and exclusive".

Read the full letter:


  1. I bet they get some interesting replies to that one.

    Seriously, who is in charge?

  2. Okay, this is "Darwin Award" calibre stupid. The bubble strikes again...

  3. Literal Translation:

    Dear Applicant,

    We recently sent you a letter that we give to those who don't have enough money as a form of rejection from the IAWTV, and I wanted to e-write you semi-personally to let you know we've revised our membership criteria. My Group of LA Friends and I had a stack of papers to either approve or reject, but we didn't want to do it because it's not as fun as pretending we are experts, so we just rejected those applicants who didn't want to give us free money.

    As the only one with writing skills from My Group of LA Friends, I want to state that we struggled with finding basic rules for how to organize the large-scale effort that we started. Processing through your applications took longer than the 3 minutes we would have liked, and made us reconsider whether or not we should actually do what we claim we do, and give an honest review of applicants. Ultimately, we decided we should probably start doing something besides interviews and sponsor hoarding, so we got to work. We decided that our International Academy should be open to all people, instead of the handful of LA Bubble representatives it has now. We just announced this policy yesterday because we have no more money, have proven our irrelevence, as well as incompetence, and need people to give us more cash so we don't have to go out and get real jobs.

    We'd love to stop all of the bad press we're receiving from the very people we claim to serve, you. If you're still interested in giving us money so we can waste it, please let us know by responding directly to this email and not sharing it with anyone else whatsoever, and we'll be happy to reconsider you under the new criteria, now that we're actually going to start trying. Right after you give us some more money to replace the funds we wasted last year.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Kathleen Grace

    Talking Head, My Group of LA Friends

  4. They should have, at the very least, referenced to the major overhaul, the ousting of the execeutive director and the seating of a new one, the election of new board members, and the (finally) organization of the committees. I consider the IAWTV to be a brand new organization, with less than a handful of months in charge at this time.

    I have asked new board members, and know for a fact that they consider the outreach outside of the USA and Los Angeles in particular to be very important.

    They don't have staff, outside of the ED (which is Elizabeth now, not Brady.) Everyone working on this that I have heard about is volunteering.

    They're working hard to change EVERYTHING. It's these people, who engineered an overthrow, elected new board members, demanded constitution of the committees, etc. that have my respect and admiration.

    Snarkers- you've not been paying attention. The open enrollment policy is such that you and a few hundred Australian friends could join and run the whole non-profit.

    As for where the money goes, in a few years, they'll, if successful, be large enough to file an IRS 990 form (They new version of that is very very detailed.) A publicly available document. Until they reach that level, it's not worth wondering exactly how they spend a whole 90 dollars.

    Lots of moves toward openness that reflects the values of the creative community are happening. And happening in what is, for a non-profit organization, an amazingly accelerated time frame. ( I am shocked at how fast they're getting all this shit done! SHOCKED! These new people are extremely motivated, and have all the respect and admiration I can give.)

    If you don't want to be a member, but want to share your ideas and shape the organization's actions and policies, you can volunteer to serve on a committee of your interest. (You could've been on the membership committee and helped write this letter the way YOU wanted.) I know all this, because I paid attention and I read the bylaws, even though I'm not a member of IAWTV (yet).

    Every one of the new team that is rebuilding this organization has been open and forthright, and incredibly willing to listen. (They're a hell of a lot nicer than I am.)

    I see people in WSTD, here, on twitter, etc who are addressing all this as if they're still talking to the old team in charge. The ones who resigned their board seats. The ones who never bothered to constitute the committees. People, I gotta say, it's like you've paid no attention to what has happened at all. None.

    If you're a builder, a maker, a creator, a can do person, then you already recognized the opportunities laid out to everyone.

    If you're bent on destroying the new baby before it's first anniversary, then all you need is a few friends (a tiny percentage of the membership, which is now open to you and therefore an easy thing to achieve) to call a meeting and convince everyone to tear the whole house down and start over. (Bylaws. Easy-peasy.)

    So the question is, what kind of person are you? Are you just an internet troll? Are you an active destroyer? Or are you a maker and builder?

    TOO dramatic. It's 90 bucks! Cool people who are fun and positive are in it. They're doing something amazing and FUN. It's serious, but also fun. And they're inviting everyone who cares to come on in, and work and play and have a say.

    Amazing how all this went down. It's a fracking miracle, if you ask me.

    So I say do it. Do it for a year or two. Be a part. Play a part. It'll be fun. You'll see!

  5. I raised very important issues last night with the executive and was ignored. (Or insulted which happened when I raised issues about how the meeting was conducted on Twitter.) That isn't exactly an open and honest academy.

    The bubble is notorious for locking outsiders out and the executive is nothing but members of the LA bubble. That much has not changed from when tubefilter dominated it. In fact, almost the entire executive is tight with the people that left and add that to the fact that tubefilter STILL owns the streamys, nothing has really changed.

    The other night's meeting was done behind locked doors and even the web stream was "invite only". That is proof positive that the elitism that dominated the academy is still there and not going to change.

    So what is in it for someone like me who is an outsider who has been trashed constantly by the bubble to join them now? What is in it for us aside from the right to give them money?

  6. Have they added a conflict of interest clause to the by laws yet? One would have expected that to be the first order of business given the past history.

  7. People. It's a con. What do you all not get?


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