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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Square One (catch up)

Square One Episode 6 - Emily vs. Facebook

In the case of Emily vs. Facebook, Emily has to deal with a battle that any girl would tussle with....when will my crush accept my friend request? Casey thinks that Emily should expand her options & make a profile for online dating. With Emily being so internet-inept, Casey takes over the process of everything from likes/dislikes to even Emily's profile photo.

Square One Episode 7 - Damage Control

Alex attempts to control the damage from Sheffler's resignation as Emily contemplates her future at Plush. Danielle is hiding something.

Square One Episode 8 - Revelation

Alex is presented with the first real look at their promotion of the ThinkLink device, but while her team focuses on the campaign, she must seek out a mysterious whistleblower with information that could derail the entire project.

Square One Episode 9 - The Disconnect

This episode is full of disconnects - turns out Brian is not who Emily thought he was and Justin doesn't like what he sees in Alex. But Alex is not going down without a fight. As Alex is trying to get through to Justin....uh-oh did the power just go out? Better watch this episode fast before you get disconnected too...

Square One Episode 10 - 2010 A.F.

Alex and Emily deal with the initial fallout from the network collapse as they find themselves in a new era - 2010 A.F.


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