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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tubefilter’s Baldwin: ‘There… Will Be a Streamys 2011′

Baldwin: Over the past two years, there’s been continual interest in the Streamy Awards from a number of organizations.

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  1. Tubefilter might actually be in a stronger position now to host a for profit show. They have deep roots with advertising agencies and still have a strong working relationship with many in the space.

    It would have been nice if they had just handed over ownership of the Streamys to the IAWTV so that it could continue under that context but given the amount of sweat equity they had poured into the Streamys one can understand why they would want to retain ownership of what always was their commercial property. The main thing is that we have now two potentially better structures: one fully commercial and one non profit.

    We may well see many of the same shows competing for each of the awards and they may well end up being judged by many of the same people. Perhaps a little healthy competition between the shows will be a good thing.

    As a strong critic of the former structure, I wish Tubefilter well with this commercial venture.

  2. The upside: They can be much more honest about their intentions for this thing and there would be a lot less posturing and debate.

    The downside: A huge rift without anyone really benefitting all that much.

    Who knows what will happen next year but I have a feeling it won't be dull.

  3. It will be interesting seeing how the shows differentiate them self.

    If the Streamys hold to the same time slot they will have first mover advantage.

    Which award will be regarded more highly? The one with the most prestigious voting body (which ever that might be), the one that gets the most press, or the one with the longest red carpet.

    Tubefilter claimed they did not make any money from the Streamys yet the IAWTV hopes to fund their entire organization from the profits from its awards (or so it would seem).

    Should make for an interesting 2011.

  4. Well the question is how much did everything cost? Considering the venue and everything that goes with it, they were talking astronomical numbers to rent that facility last year. (I had heard rumours of $30-40k.) That's a HUGE and unnecessary hit that even sponsors would have a hard time covering and leaving you with serious profit at the end of the day.

    A show with similar sponsor revenue and much lower overhead could turn a decent enough profit to sustain it's existence in the long term.

    Now this is the bubble we're talking about so all bets are off but as we saw last year, bigger doesn't guarantee better...

  5. bigger doesn't guarantee better...

    Yep, but as one of the IAWTV members said in the IAWTV chat, in Los Angeles perception is everything.

    The big problem the Streamys ran into was that they created a perception bigger than they could fill. The press was expecting big stars like other awards shows and did not know a lot of the players in the web space.

    Still if he IAWTV can pull the type of sponsorship the Streamys got from Trident there is no reason they can't tweek things a little and make a profit.

    The problem becomes who will get the big sponsor. The IAWTV, the Streamys, neither or both. They are both going after the same market (unless the target markets change) and as I said above Tubefilter would have the first mover advantage if they stick to the same time slot. Would the IAWTV award show then become a me-too in terms of perception?

  6. "bigger doesn't guarantee better..."

    - tell that to your MOTHER, mm!

  7. Oh that is definitely true. I was just relaying a comment made by an IAWTV member in the chat who seemed to feel that the reason the awards needed to be in LA is that it would get more press because essentially "perception is everything" and that is why the IAWTV needs to do something big. A lot of others in the room felt that the awards could equally well be held in other cities in other regions of the World. Celebrate The Web would be a good example of doing something on a smaller yet tasteful scale that really met the internal needs of the "awards".

    It really comes down to why the awards are being held. To reward achievement or do gain national press for the space and the "winners". Some would say both but the impression I got in the chat was at least one IAWTV member in chat felt that press was the most important. You will have to ask the IAWTV to see if that is their official position.


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