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Friday, November 12, 2010

Victorious Karaoke Queen leaps over to Castle in December

From the press release:

Following a wrap on the second season production of her hit web soap Miss Behave, eighteen year old actress Jillian Clare surfaces this fall as contrasting characters, on two very different and extremely popular television shows.

Guest starring as Jade's new rival Haley, Jillian is elated to be featured in the first ever Victorious movie “Freak Out” scheduled to debut on Black Friday, November 26th. Miss Clare adds, “This was such a fun role for me – I had the chance to step in as a mean girl, something I've always wanted to do.” In the movie, Jillian plays the daughter of the karaoke club owner (brought to life by legendary actor Tom Virtue) and reigning queen of their singing contests. A performer since age six, she was excited to sing on television, though it was a challenging experience in the recording studio as she altered her voice for the show. Billed as the biggest Victorious event in the history of the series, the Nickelodeon hit continues to be a huge draw and constant ratings leader in cable television shows. Jillian continues, “It was great to finally work with Dan Schneider – it's such a fun set and a ton of laughs every day. I can't wait to see the final product!”

In the month of December, Miss Clare jumps over to prime time as she shocks Alexis and her family when her character Gracie returns to visit her childhood friend on ABC's Castle. “Last Call” is set to air December 6th with Gracie checking in to visit New York City in search of the perfect college. “Working on Castle with Molly Quinn, Nathan Fillion, and the rest of the cast was such an amazing experience.” She continues, “It's definitely one of my favorite gigs, plus to meet and work with Susan Sullivan? It was incredible!”

In addition to her recent television projects, Jillian produces and leads the cast of Miss Behave, one of the most popular teen soaps on the internet. Starring as Tori Archer, daughter of an affluent Malibu couple woven into the entertainment world, sixteen year old Tori spun many lies during the first season of the online show, and is about to reap the consequences of her deception when second season debuts on December 16th (missbehave.tv).


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