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Sunday, December 12, 2010

5 Questions With…Big Fantastic’s Chris McCaleb

Chris talks about what goes into building an audience, his issues with premiere parties and how things will be changing for Big Fantastic in 2011.

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  1. Even with a worst case scenario (and other than wireless) has there ever been any suggestion by anyone that the internet will evolve in a way that will prevent anyone from producing and distributing web series?

    Clearly net neutrality is a highly complex and important issue but so is "net freedom" (as shown by the recent Wikileaks).

    Are you willing to give up on freedom to get what you "call neutrality"?

    Yes, you might want both, but at a point do they not become mutually exclusive?

  2. “It’s not TV, it’s not the movies — this is a new art form with a different kind of audience, different distribution strategies and a much longer tail.”

    - Lonelygirl15 is still getting 200,000 views per DAY. So yeah, sometimes there can be a very, very very long tail. However it does help greatly if a show comes out the gate running with a compelling product and an integrated social marketing strategy. That does not mean having the same group of people tweeting over and over. It means reaching out to new audiences. It means finding where those audiences “live” online and embedding yourself in those communities.

    The long tail will be there if you do everything right but its important to think of the global ONLINE marketplace and how you can reach that scale.

  3. I think the point most people miss is making money. Despite what some say, the internet is not free. So if you can't make enough money from it, everything else is pointless.


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