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Monday, December 6, 2010

James Rolfe WOWS them at Digital Press

Over the weekend James "The Angry Video Game Nerd" Rolfe was at Digital Press in Clifton New Jersey for an autograph session and the result was a massive crowd of excited fans bringing every form of memorabilia or even just crap they found on the ground for James to sign. The highlight was seeing a guy bring a pizza box from Papa John's for James to sign. (That and the nice girl who asked him to sign her boobs.)

Yet another example of the power of the web that the AVGN can draw a huge crowd just by showing up to a video game shop. It also proves that even if you're making your videos in Philadelphia, (or Nebraska as Fred showed,) you can hit celebrity status without leaving home. Cudos to James on a great weekend and if you were in Clifton or anywhere near it and weren't there; where were you???


  1. The YouTubers are slowly becoming the "celebs" of the future.........complete with the marketing power that bring to the table.

  2. According to witnesses James and his crew were signing well past 8pm, (after his session started at 2pm,) due to the demand being so huge. (Estimated at a few thousand people coming out.) Just incredible.


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