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Friday, December 17, 2010

Night of the Zombie King - Episode 1: From the Shadows

Jamison "Jaz" Colier is captain of a Goblins & Gold team which has been recently removed from the pro rankings. Frustrated and disappointed, he flees his troubles by traveling from Los Angeles to his hometown of San Jose, where he has not visited for over fifteen years. When he arrives, he is hijacked by a group of old friends for a surprise night of gaming.

Featuring "Silver Cities" by the amazing Los Angeles band, The Monolators: www.themonolators.com

written by: David Nett, Rick Robinson & Andrew R. Deutsch
directed by: David Nett
cinematography by: Andrew R. Deutsch
edited by: David Nett & Frederick Snyder
featuring: James Ellis Lane, Jonathan Nail, Maxwell Glick, Stephanie Thorpe, Brian Majestic
production staff & crew: Matthew Arevalo, Jamie Blair, Maria Deutsch, Rob Gokee, Joey Harris, Mike Horton, Ashley F. Miller, Shannon Nelson, Sean Oakley, Ed Robinson, Chad Schnaible, Justin Waggle, James Paul Xavier

Night of the Zombie King is the first in a series of GOLD "companion adventures." It takes a fan-favorite character from GOLD, Jaz, leader of the Dangerous Gamers, and explores that character, and the world of GOLD, from a different point of view. This funny and touching The Big Chill story for role playing gamers will premiere in 2010. For more information, visit the Night of the Zombie King preview page.

GOLD is a comedy series about Professional Role Playing Gamers, written and produced for the web, which premiered in November 2008. http://www.goblinsandgold.com


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