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Monday, January 17, 2011

5 Questions With… Dynamo Player’s Rob and Will

We started Dynamo because we’re passionate about independent film and video, and we think the biggest barrier to great independent production is the lack of alternatives to the ad-supported distribution model.



  1. How is what Blip.tv does any better than YouTube. Now Koldcast, I get. They “showcase” web series, but I just do not see the value in Blip.tv over YouTube. Anyone care to explain it?

  2. Hey there - sure, would be happy to. Send me a note to dinaATblip.tv & we'll set up a time to talk. To begin, we're 100% focused on Web shows, we believe in letting producers own their relationship with audience, and we're running ads at a high CPM for shows, with a transparent 50/50 revenue share with producers. And, let's chat more when you're able - I look forward to it.

  3. Dina:

    Thanks for the reply. I prefer to have this type of discussion in open session on the web because that way everyone enjoys the benefit of the interaction.......and well isn't that what the space is all about....interaction?

    If you prefer to write out an explanation of the benefits of Blip.tv just send it to [email protected] and we will share it with our readers.

    The problem is that on Blip.tv I see very little "relationship" between the show and the audience. Where does that take place exactly?

    On the other hand on Youtube I see a highly engaged audience with thousands of comments.

    How exactly is Blip.Tv helping a web series if they don't get views.....and if you are not engaged with your audience you are probably not getting views........that is unless you are "buying views".

    50 percent of zero is still zero. I just do not see the advantage of Blip.tv.

  4. Here is what Dina had to say on NTV:


    It points out the value of Blip.tv to advertisers but it does not go into the value of Blip.tv to web shows. Yes if you are one of the few that gets huge views already you may be able to maximize your revenue by going with Blip. But what does Blip do to help a web show and a web series in particular get views? That is the real question. And of course, can they do it better than Youtube with its organic structure or Koldcast with its more "showcase" structure.


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