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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Amongst Angels Demons and Those In Between: Episode 3

Episode 3 - Adam the Little Demon: Amongst Angels Demons and Those In Between Web Series

As a young human boy Adam was truly wicked and he quickly caught the eye of Hell's Elite Soldier Sasha. Sasha wasted no time claiming his soul for the Devil's Army.

For more info on the web series and much more please check out our official site: http://www.amongstangelsdemonsandthoseinbetween.com/


  1. FYI

    When it comes to doing a "catch up" for a web series it helps to combine the episodes into a single post. The blog is designed to hold a fixed number of posts on the "front page" and when a "catch up" is posted as multiple posts it flushes the other content off the blog quicker.

    Just leave what you have posted because the links have already gone out on Twitter and we do not want dead links. However all authors should consider how their post affect other web series on the blog.

    There are times when multiple posts for a single web series are needed as part of their live action, but that is best left for current breaking news.

  2. Note that if you do not add appropriate tags to your web series they will not be categorized by blogger.

    It is a good idea to add at least a tag for the web series name (i added: "Amongst Angels Demons" and also the tag "web series". The latter will make sure that your show will be listed in the web series category and the show name. will give your series a unique "tag".

  3. Hi,
    Thanks so much for your feed back, since I am new I am learning to navigate around the blogs.

    Many thanks once again :D


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