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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Commentary on Jane McGonigal’s New Book, “Reality is Broken”

By Michael Andersen

Rather than attacking games as an escapist outlet for avoiding real-world troubles, why don’t we subvert those game mechanics to make the world a better place?


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Can Gaming Make A Better World?

Can Gaming Make A Better World? from Yulia Karelina on Vimeo.

The Global Game Jam 2010 Keynote

Ste Curran's Global Game Jam Keynote


  1. Adding some net positive to the World is a worth while goal. However we should not loose sight of the fact that the same tools being used by game developers have already had massive real World impact on their own: Iran, the G20, Wikileaks and Tunisia just to name a few.
    If you look at CFG it had some real World impact. BUT the “game” exposed a much more significant dynamic. The “accidental collision” of the left wing anarchists and the “game play” provided a valuable insight into the mentality of these “real World players” They are extremely well read, passionate and equally as dedicated as their in game counter parts.

    The World is changing. It is going to change faster and faster over the next two decades for sure. The “games” we play today often provide the training ground for real World behavior in the future. This is no less true in human society than it is in the rest of the animal kingdom. Only, in the real World the “drones” kill real people in Pakistan.

    The noble goals of the book are admirable. However in a World that values lip service and celeb magazines over real and tangible change it may be that little can be done to change the tide of the future. “Yes we can?”

    However I applaud the approach and at an individual level perhaps by touching one we can touch many. Time will tell.

  2. Wait that last video has the symbol from the Order warehouse.......just saying......


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